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Family: I married Melissa (Wirtz) in September 1998. Our first son, Nathan, was born in November 2000, our second son, Patrick, was born in April 2003 and our daughter, Eleanor, was born in August 2009. From 1998 to 2006 we lived in Stoughton, Wisconsin. We now live in Watertown, Wisconsin.


Early Career: The Solution Shop (1992-1993) was the first company to employ my then not-so-formidable computer skills as a graphic designer on the Amiga and Mac platforms. Good Shepherd Hospital/Advocate Health Care (1994-1996) hired me next as a computer operator on VAX and Windows platforms. I did a summer (1995) internship as an economics intern at (formerly AT&T) Lucent, a summer (1996) internship as a COBOL intern at Kemper Insurance and then took a position as Systems Manager for my university newspaper (1996-1998) with a mixed environment of Linux, Windows, Mac and Novell platforms. About the same time I started doing web design on contract and continued until graduation. I also did a summer (1997) internship as a C++ programming intern at (now defunct) RDI Software/Geneer during my last summer in school. Before graduation, I joined Standard Networks to work on web integration software and support their existing legacy integration software (1998-2000).

Mid Career: After a few years at Standard Networks, I led the development of two software packages called MOVEit DMZ and MOVEit Central which continue to be the core of the MOVEit managed file transfer system. I served as Product Manager (2002-2007) for these products until Ipswitch acquired Standard Networks in early 2008. During the due diligence and acquisition I briefly served as Director of Technology and Integration, helping to tie the two companies together and serve our combined file transfer customer base. I served as the Vice President of Research and Development of the Ipswitch File Transfer division for the rest of 2008 and 2009, where I combined two geographically separated R&D departments (separate product development teams, common QA), got Ipswitch into the Microsoft Certified Partner program, launched a product release about every six weeks and initiated a research program that led to the acquistion of a multiplatform, high-volume EDI/translation company called MessageWay and several interesting internal projects. From there I left my partially integrated R&D department in the hands of a top lieutenant and moved back into product ownership as Vice President of Product Management.

Self-Employment: After leading MOVEit sales past $10M/year and helping Ipswitch secure a place as a "leader" in the Gartner Magic Quadrant I teamed up with a extraordinary architect and an old mentor to create a new company called "File Transfer Consulting." In 2011 we helped provide best-of-breed solutions to individual companies and marketing assistance and technology to individual file transfer vendors.

Current Career: In 2012 I had the chance to join a crew of fast-moving professionals I had enormous respect for as a competitor at Ipswitch and a collaborator at File Transfer Consulting. As Vice President of RhinoSoft I lead sales, marketing, business development and "voice of managed file transfer" initiatives to expand the company's worldwide footprint.

Education and Professional Activity

Formal Education: I graduated from Woodstock High School in June 1993. I graduated from Northern Illinois University with University Honors in May 1998 with a B.S. in Operations Management and Information Systems and a second B.S. in Theoretical Computer Science. In August 2008 I earned a cross-functional MBA degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, funded largely by a competitive Dean's Scholarship.

Security: I currently hold a SANS computer security certification: GSNA [auditing] (ISC)2's CISSP certification, and the Cloud Security Alliance's CCSK certification. (I let my SANS GCIA certification - intrusion analysis - expire in 2009 after eight years.) I participate in industry organizations such as the PCI Alliance and the PCI Security Standards Council. I also enjoy presenting material on managed file transfer at (ISC)2 events around the country, occasionally serve as an alternate proctor for SANS GIAC and also serve on the SANS GIAC advisory board.


Community: When Melissa and I first moved to Stoughton, WI, I served as a stringer with the Stoughton Courier-Hub for two years, covering mostly town, city and school board events and usually on the same nights that my wife (a full time reporter) was covering other meetings. We were also regular attendees of an group called R Olde House. When we had our first child things got a little hectic and I pretty much disappeared from the face of Stoughton. My wife, on the other hand, got herself elected to city council and still wrote occasional (mostly human interest) pieces for the Hub and other local newspapers. However, we both got back into the swing of things when the tornado hit in 2005. Melissa organized a home tour that raised nearly $3000 while I set up a web site ( to help provide information and raise awareness. I've also been a soccer coach for my kids' teams several times in both Watertown and Stoughton, volunteer occasionally for Cubs Scouts, youth baseball, youth football, the local Main Street program, Adoration Abode and St. Bernard's Church and participate in Watertown's annual (American Cancer Society's) Relay for Life and Host-A-Family charities. In the past few years I've become a more frequent participant in local bike rides, charity runs and swims, including the Tough Mudder and the Rockman Challenge.