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This section contains information about media appearances and citations. Please follow the Contact link if you would like to talk directly.

Live Sessions

I recently gave a one-hour presentation on managed file transfer industry entitled "When Data Moves, Do You Listen?" to the following audiences:

Recorded Sessions

I haven't quite made the leap from computer science graduate to anchorman, but I have recorded several short video segments in the past few years.

Selected Print Citations

I do enjoy working with reporters, whether educating IT media on managed file transfer or specifically pitching new product developments. Here are some of the places I've been cited or published.

Financial Sector Technology, November/December 2010 (link)

"The (PCI Security Standards) Council has identified P2PE as one of its top priorities and has convened a working committee to provide specific recommendations about the use of this technology."

Retail Technology, December 13, 2010 (link)

"The cost of post-breach forensic investigation is significant and borne by merchants and processors. Auditability is key, regardless of who certifies the investigators. In addition to using PCI compatible technologies, processors need to make sure that they limit the costs of investigating any incident by making sure their technologies both generate and preserve the metadata needed for forensic investigators to do their job."

SCMagazine, October 29, 2010 (link)

"I'm happy the council is acknowledging the need to address emerging technologies such as tokenisation. As these technologies continue to mature and gain traction with merchants, I believe they will eventually find their way into the PCI DSS standards."

CBR Systems and Networks Security, October 29, 2010 (link)

"Tokenisation - the use of data tokens in place of sensitive data such as PAN - is essentially a cost saving measure. Early adopters are shrinking the costs of PCI compliance by handing responsibility for their most sensitive information to a trusted custodian, saving them the expense of treating every interaction as top secret."

Protecting Medical Data: The Security vs. Productivity Challenge, October 25, 2010 (link)

"Secure file transfer solutions aid these ongoing health care initiatives by providing user and programmable interfaces that allow people and systems too easily and securely transfer data with other people and systems. And the benefits of managed file transfer go above and beyond providing well-formatted paperless data. Additional benefits include providing management with visibility into sensitive data flows, and enforcement of security policies that ensures personally identifiable information is sent and stored with the proper level of protection and security."

IT Adviser - The Magazine of the National Computing Centre, Autumn 2010 (link)

"The survivors of the convergence of security and usability are now emerging. These vendors typically focus on either a pure SaaS (Software as a Service) solution or a pure on-premises solution. However, there are also vendors that realise that choice of deployment model, including the ability to switch between them at any time, is an important benefit for companies juggling costs between internal and external oroperating and capital expense budgets."

StorefrontBacktalk, September 30, 2010 (link)

"It's bordering on the circular when (the PCI Security Standards Council) talks about industry best practices, because they are the industry's best practices. That's an ambiguity that would have been better to avoid."

The Last WatchDog (ghostwriting for Ipswitch File Transfer President Gary Shottes), June 23, 2010 (link)

"Even at the most attentive companies, the contradictory mix of ever-increasing data volumes, increasingly strict corporate governance and rising availability expectations lead people to wonder how all those file transfers can be supported, let alone secured."

bobsguide, May 20, 2010 (link)

"With awareness of data breaches at an all-time high, banking institutions are working hard to implement policies and solutions that protect sensitive financial information along with their reputations and industry competitiveness. In today's digital world, critical financial data - including social security numbers, bank account information, mortgage statements, payment card numbers, and other high-value, highly confidential information - is being sent back and forth between businesses and individuals at speeds faster than anyone ever thought possible. While this information exchange allows financial institutions such as banks to deliver higher levels of service and capitalise on emerging growth opportunities, it also leaves them vulnerable to security breaches and data leaks."

bobsguide, May 19, 2010 (link)

"Vendors that offer managed file transfer (MFT) believe their solutions are the best way to go for sending not only files securely, but also keeping tabs on them. The 'managed' file transfer industry grew out of three common business needs. First, businesses found themselves needing to set up, track and reconfigure hundreds of scheduled FTP jobs. Second, businesses needed to permit but monitor end-users performing Web-based or other ad hoc transfers. Third, businesses wanted their key internal systems to interact with partners or far flung installations using the efficiencies of bulk data sets. Lampe notes that all of the vendors who provide managed file transfer solutions today provide answers to all three of these needs, in addition to their own specialties."

SC Magazine, April 10, 2010 (link)

"We're setting a new standard for managed file transfer, delivering to organisations the visibility and controls they need, while making it easier than ever for end-users to securely transfer files of any size. The Outlook plug-in (in the Ad Hoc Transfer Module) provides a seamless employee experience as they interact with people inside or outside the organisation."

Business Wire, November 4, 2009 (link)

"In this economy, it's increasingly common for companies to invest less in the physical infrastructure or IT staff it takes to administer and maintain on-premises software, such as a secure managed file transfer solution, said Jonathan Lampe, vice president, Research & Development. The answer: create a simulated IT department using cloud computing, virtualization, SaaS, and hosted services."

Tech World, August 3, 2009 (link)

"MOVEit DMZ is mostly deployed in high volume, high security environments; typically enterprises who need fixed point of presence on Internet, and for end users who need to drop off files that need to be secured."

"We are moving all product lines to platforms that support virtualisation and support 64-bit, as the indications from Microsoft is that the era of 32-bit computing is coming to an end."

Hot List (, May 29, 2009 (link)

"In an era where data breaches happen every day and businesses want to deploy solutions that best match business needs, Ipswitch continues to lead the way with simple, secure, and flexible solutions. By working closely with our customers to determine requirements and staying on top of market demands, we continue to set the pace with the latest and most comprehensive technologies."

"In purchasing a WS_FTP Server solution, customers are investing in a scalable and compliant secure file transfer solution that's easily installed and configured in a matter of minutes. WS_FTP Server delivers a base of features that are proven for security, safe storage, file sharing and transfer."

White Papers

Over the years I've written two or three dozen white papers on file transfer. One of my favorites is "Secure by Design", an in-depth description of the architectural decisions that drove the solution-oriented yet secure design of a combined MOVEit DMZ - MOVEit Central system. Another favorite was my whitepaper on MOVEit's high level of PCI compliance; in this paper the brand was taken to places you don't normally see software such as physical security. (Hint: encryption using non-OS-based keys is good!)

A good selection of several of these papers can be found on Ipswitch File Transfer's web site.

Blogs and Newsgroups

Please visit my new company site to follow me as I provide tips and tricks or to follow me on various social media.

Most of the rest of my professional blogging is done on LinkedIn. The main discussions I participate in on LinkedIn are in the File Transfer Technology Group, the Managed File Transfer Group and the SOA Data Integration Architecture Group. .

Most of my professional newsgroup postings will be found in either security groups (such as BugTraq) or official MySQL groups.

If you search hard enough you'll also find evidence of the "guerrilla marketing" I used at Standard Networks in the 2000's to get the word out about MOVEit - especially MOVEit Freely. (e.g., example 1 and example 2)